Equalize Gender Representation in Politics in Southwestern PA

Women comprise 52% of the population in Southwestern PA, but only 18% of the General Assembly statewide and that number substantially decreases in Southwestern PA.  She Runs SWPA and our coalition will encourage fearless women to run for public office in order to ensure equitable gender representation in our government.

Raise the Political Capital for Women in the Region

In 2016, Women turned out to vote at a higher rate (16%)  than compared to men. (Keep up the great work, btw!). Unfortunately, these votes don’t always translate into electing more women and especially more women of color. She Runs SWPA and our coalition will promote civic participation and engagement of women from diverse backgrounds through education, advocacy, and impactful messaging, without discrimination of nationality, economic status, class, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, or marital status.

Support Legislation that Supports Women and Families

She Runs SWPA is a nonpartisan initiative that advocates for and supports smart legislation and policies that strive to produce a better place for all women to live, work, and thrive. These policies include:

  • •  Raising the minimum wage to a livable wage
  • •  Paid family leave policies
  • •  Investing in quality public education
  • •  Increased transparency in government and access to voting
  • •  Reproductive and health care justice
  • •  Protecting women from violence and domestic abuse and the adoption of CEDAW
  • •  Halting the mass incarceration of women, especially black and brown women
  • •  Providing protections from discrimination based on race, color, religion, ancestry, age, sex, national origin, disability, gender expression.
  • •  Investments in quality economic social services.


Invest in Creating a Pool of Engaged, Informed Volunteers to Assist Women Candidates

Together we will work towards educating women, as well as men who serve as allies on how to support more women in their journey to public office through outreach and education activities.

Increase Transparency and Access to Government for All Women

Together we will pull our resources to create recommendations and advocate for government policies that promote transparency in government, equity for women, and access to resources.

Increase Participation in the Programming Offered by She Runs SWPA Coalition Members

The She Runs SWPA Coalition encourages our networks to attend events, participate in programming and support the mission of our partner organizations. We aim to create supplementary, collaborative materials and programming, not those that compete directly with Coalition members.